Mivan Formwork Is Here To Simplify Your Construction Woes!

With the boom in globalization, there have been varied changes in the market trends. On the similar lines, construction industry too is coming up with innovative ways to cope up with the competition. The construction industry has started adapting and implementing new technologies so that it boosts the overall efficiency of the project. However, in countries like India, construction has observed an upward graph — thanks to the ever-growing population. Now, catering to the needs of so many, it is very important to blend with modern yet pocket-friendly technology. Along with this, the speed of construction should also be on a greater pace and this is when Mivan Formwork steps in!

There has been a gamut of construction techniques, however amongst them Mivan has proved to be a boon. It is not only economical, but also apt for the fast pace of construction. This is all possible because of the light-weight aluminium forms as the walls and slabs are cast simultaneously using these. This system is truly a blessing and it is far more better than the conventional way of construction. The usage of Mivan Formwork primarily revolves around three vital factors — strength, safety and speed. Furthermore, the walls and slabs are cast in one operation and there is no interference of column and beam construction. The best part is this formwork is — the use of light weight pre-engineered aluminium forms that help in easy handling.

Its salient features don’t end here as it is more seismic resistance. Major spoilsport in an any construction is — leakage. However, if you are using Mivan formwork, then rest assured that it will definitely reduce leakages and improve durability. Also, while shaping your dream house — carpet area is always a disappointing factor, but in this case the shear walls are thin, which in turn helps in increasing the area. The quality of construction is extremely consistent because uniform grade of concrete is eventually used. If you are wondering about maintenance than it definitely has very little because concrete is strong built up and thus needs no maintenance per se. The compilation is also undertaken faster because of the light weight of forms which also affects labour. With a weight that light, very meagre labour is required to carry them. The foundation is also set simple because the load is distributed uniformly. Above all, the density of concrete wall helps in better sound transmission.

These are few details, however there are many criterion in this formwork. Nevertheless, if you want to explore more, then definitely get in touch with us to know more.

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Aluminium forms an integral part in the construction industry after steel. Its use has reached every nook and corner right from commercial buildings to domestic abode. Its array of features being lightweight, durable to low cost maintenance and flexibility has literally made it spreads its wings across the globe. Thus, with the rise in demand of aluminium, we at Navkaar have been moulding dreams into reality of our beloved customers by creating best in class products then be it aluminium formwork system, aluminium window system or aluminium architectural products.

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