Elephanta caves-Takeaway from gateway

The Elephanta Caves are a network of sculpted caves located on Elephanta Island, or Gharapuri (literally “the city of caves”) in Mumbai Harbour….
reference — Wikipedia

we(1+1) roamed around ‘The Hotel Taj’ for while do some shopping and also I walked around 1.5 km for wash room (important and urgent work) finally had in first glimpse of the gateway itself.We 2 start waiting for other 4 from 11:30 to 3:30 and also start collecting information about the rent of speed boat but our excitement came to end when we heard that the rent is 9000.."Grapes are sour" this is a best proverb which suits for that situation..We again start waiting for our friends after some time one reached but other 4 still on the way to gateway of India.finally it’s 3:30 the timing of last ferry available for elephanta cave. So we have two options either leave fairy or leave friends..We took decision and become lil bit selfish and finally leave friends and caught the last ferry for elephanta cave...
Two storey farry was their for first floor we have to pay 10 rupee/person extra...We got in the ferry and took the seat and in no time was it full. The ferry took off and that’s when I thankful for the best decision we made of leaving our friend behind because for getting something u have to leave something..It was my first time in ferry but my friend had prior experience (almost 10 years old).

The elephanta cave islands is about 11 km from apollo bandar,gateway of india.
We stepped in a shaky ferry which is constantly dancing with the waves of great Arabian sea .On the way we saw naval base station,cargo ships sea Hazel’s and many countries flag like England ,Hong Kong and many more pigeons and sea gulls kept flocking around us in the search of food and occasionally take a dip in the water or float in the water this is the best part of whole journey.
The blowing wind gave us the feel of heaven (may be) after the humid environment near gateway of India.
We didn’t take pictures at the time of outbound journey.after exactly 1 hour we reached elephanta caves we have to jump from one ship to other like Mario for boarding on the island.
The next ride what we can take a toy train which drop us at the entrance of caves but we chose to walk till entrance.the monkeys around having fun and snatching food from travellers is also a good thing.
The path leading towards the cave was Rocky and steep one but the handicrafts on either side of pathway made it more fun.
Once we reached all the way up the open courtyard led us up to the Shiva cave from the network of caves ,this is probably the major one.facinating structure clearly masterpiece created by ancient india were distroyed by pourtgese.
Though those broken statue will make u wonder why would someone destroy.
We don’t have much time so we just wonder here and there and took some photos of cave.
At the time of return journey back home we took that train and again boarded in ferry(first floor)the last ferry available for return journey.
Return journey is much more awesome then outward journey because at the time of return journey it’s evening time and the sun is setting ,gives infrared(reddish color ) and peace we took lot of pictures of sun and slow motion vedio of birds( might be pigeon,seagulls or gannets actually I don’t know I also thought its dodo but it’s not possible because dodo has been extinct bird now ).
Overall the journey is worth to visit
And for me a good takeaway from gateway is a good friend and I enjoyed the company.overall a visit to this place is enthralling one.

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