Magic Inside.

Once a child saw something that terrified him. He came running to his mother and started crying — the mother was taken aback. She then went out but found nothing strange. She came back and asked her child what happened, since she didn’t see anything. The child continued to weep and so they both decided to go out together.

When they went out, the mother pointed to the vast green field just across the road, the surrounding hills and a structure in the middle of the field. The mother then asked her child to describe again — the child described the same vast green field across the road, the surrounding hills and the same building in the middle of the field. The mother got confused.

He then took his mother to the building and showed her a board hanging at the gate, which said magic inside. The mother got intrigued and decided to go in — when she saw dusted floors, loosely hanging doors, broken desks and damaged black boards, she realised that there was once a school in this building but there is emptiness now.

She further got confused, went back to her child and asked him again what did he see? The child told her that once there were children who went inside with the hope of becoming magicians. But one day some grown-ups came and gave a harsh punishment to these children for no fault of theirs. As a result, no more children came to learn and there was no more a school to teach. But today he saw a child enter the building. He followed him and saw him write something on the damaged black board which scared him.

The child then took his mother to an empty classroom where the black board had words ‘no more’ magic inside.

She went silent, sat down and after few seconds, broke down.

But seeing her child, she got back to normalcy, walked towards the black board, rubbed the word ‘no’ and wrote something.

When her son read ‘lot more’ magic inside… he felt happy, very happy. He smiled, gave a hug to her mom and muttering ‘never should we let the magic inside us go’, pledged that he will come back and do something.

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