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Every year, millions of customers use Thumbtack’s marketplace to find the right local professionals for pretty much anything. Some use Thumbtack to quickly find a reliable plumber to fix their leaky garbage disposal, while others might use Thumbtack to consult with an interior designer when remodeling their home. Customers can find professionals for around 500 categories of services on Thumbtack. Based on factors like the type of job, their budget or the urgency of their need, a professional who would be right for one customer may not necessarily be the right one for another.

In this post, we will outline…

Announcing Dialog Skill Analysis for Watson Assistant

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Building AI assistants that work well for your business is not as easy as it should be. That’s because it’s hard to understand why an assistant makes mistakes and, more importantly, how we can minimize those mistakes with the limited time available at our disposal…

I’m on the Watson Assistant algorithms team and our mission is to make assistants (aka chatbots) much easier to design and launch. That’s why we just released the Dialog Skill Analysis Notebook, a new Python framework along with an easy-to-use Python notebook to help you quickly and effectively build AI assistants using Watson Assistant! …

Navneet Rao

Machine Learning @ Thumbtack

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