We attend many small and big functions in everyday. Starting from birthday parties, to events as big as a wedding. And nobody would disagree with the fact that, be it a small event or a big one, ladies love decorating themselves and getting innovative with their looks. Creative and different jewelry holds an important place with every look a woman takes up. While it is very obvious that a big event calls for heavy make-up , it does not mean that very heavy jewelry has to be worn for such an event.

A woman’s love for jewelry is very well known by everyone and sometimes the love encourages us to wear extra jewelry. However, today we all go by the rule “less is more” which also applies on jewelry. Even if you are attending a grand event like a wedding, try to keep your jewelry stunning, but less.

Now the real struggle is choosing of the jewelry. One cannot decide the type of earrings, nose pin, neck piece, etc to wear. To start with, before deciding which type to wear, it’s more important to decide which piece of jewelry should be worn. For instance, choose either the combination of a big nose pin + earrings, or a combination of a maangtika + big earrings. Combining all the three things together, the maangtika,earrings and nose pin does not sound like a very amazing idea.

Some possible options you can use are :

⦁ A huge, round nose pin teemed up with huge earrings. This look will attract a lot of attention because of it’s innovative idea. Because the nose pin is big, there is no need to wear any neckpiece with it.

⦁ For those who find it a little difficult to wear big nose pins and are not very confortable carrying them, an alternative is to wear a big maangtika with huge earrings. This option might also attract those with a broad forehead, what easier way to cover it up with a jewelry piece!

⦁ This option is quite new in the town. Hair Accesories! Yes! Style up your fancy hair bun with accessories or leave your tresses open and wear a fancy sparkling head band. You are ready to rock!

⦁ Another innovative idea can be to replace boring bangles with heavy rings. They attract a lot of attention towards the hand and are completely charming.

Every mind is innovative in it’s own way and one should never feel afraid to try anything. These were some of my ideas, don’t hesitate in the trial and error method of your own. Stand in front of the mirror, try on your favorite pieces of jewelry and create a fashion statement.

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