When writing a long novel, a novelist who takes a regular method of serializing on a certain page is in an embarrassing and pleasant situation. I have set the overall plot, but I have started a series of three months apart without revealing the details of the story myself.

It was a literary series, so there weren’t many readers, but when I ‘killed’ a character that I could be the main character, there were a few people who expressed regret. Later, I ‘revive’ the person who died while writing the last part. When I saw the first mask girl, I paid attention to the use of understated colors and paintings. The contents were also interesting, but at first I thought it would be a webtoon that pinpoints the prevalence of modernism.

Of course, Maskgirl appears in the world dominated by superior appearance, and there are bound to fail. Momi, whose body is incredibly beautiful, but whose face is not very pretty, is a star of the Internet broadcast while wearing a mask, but the company is only a person who has to endure all kinds of misfortunes. So far, it seems like a normal story.

If the story has a plot and a three-dimensional character to a certain extent, the reader will bring emotion to the story and to the character. The success or failure of the story may vary depending on how much readers move in. However, in the mask girl, the moments when we can no longer transfer emotions to the main character Momi keeps appearing.

These are the moments when Drunk Momi masturbates (although not exactly) during Internet broadcasts, and when she kills stalker and company colleague Joon Nam. I watched this 툰코 every week without missing from the first episode, and I checked the comment window. And whenever Momi acted ‘outing’ in an unpredictable, poetic way, the comments mourned.

I didn’t even sigh, but I wondered where Momi would go, so far. In the latter part of the first part of this work, the cicada writer and the rare artist said, “Sometimes, the protagonist does not move at will. I burst into laughter. I knew exactly what it was like.

British novelist Henry Fielding, who died in 1754, also wrote a story about the upset Tom Johnson, telling the story that the character was troubled because he didn’t move freely. So, it may be a phenomenon that occurs when stories and characters begin to compose themselves, regardless of East and West. Momi takes off the mask and wears a plastic surgery mask to become another character. In the meantime, readers can’t be overlooked.

Momi seemed to betray our expectations perfectly and not be bound by any restrictions, and she overtook the police’s investigation, the tracking of her mother’s mother and the reader’s expectations. However, Momi isn’t the only one who can’t empathize. The best comment on the latest updated episode of ‘Lara’s Life’ is ‘It seems that there will be only cartoons that hate all the characters’.

This work is unique in that it minimizes and hides all kinds of negative aspects that ordinary human beings will inevitably possess. How far can Momi go? As a novelist, I would like to see Momi continue to run for a while. While looking at Momi patheticly, with an ambiguous mind that is hard to support.

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