You are art.

Photos by Navya Agarwal

There are precisely 7.125 billion people in this world, each distinctly unique. Not a single person is exactly like you. Each one of your features is completely and utterly unique to you. From, your exclusively shaped nose to your wildly unprecedented thought process. Your bizarre food preferences to the eccentric color of your eyes. The lengthiness of your fingers to the redolences that appeal to you. Every characteristic is exceedingly inimitable.

I find it so astonishing how carefully constructed we all are. Every minute detail is so precisely formulated, just like every stroke in a painting is meticulously arranged. Eventually, all our features come together to create an inexplicable being, or a person. The same way, every stroke comes together to form a preeminent phenomenon, an item of art.

I think people are often easily overlooked. It’s somewhat upsetting to think so many magnificent individuals are completely cryptic to the majority of this world. Out of the 7.125 billion beings on this planet, you only really meet about 120,000 people in a lifetime. That indicates you still have more than 7 billion individuals you will never get to know. Each and every person is definitely someone worth knowing, yet you only end up meeting 120,000 of them.

The same way, there exist more than a trillion pieces of art on this planet. Almost everything is a work of art. But you only notice or further explore a select few pieces in your lifetime. There is no such thing as a “bad piece of art”. Maybe some items may appeal to you more than others. But art is simply art; it is invariably beautiful. And people are simply people; they are inevitably magnificent.

You are a work of art. You are precisely and utterly unique. You are composed of carefully constructed features that all seamlessly come together to make you who you are. You are frequently easily overlooked and completely unknown to the majority of the world. But that doesn’t matter, you are still a masterpiece.