Email, has been around since the creation of the World Wide Web. However, the importance of the same has decreased with time. What was once the most important form of communication,be it business or personal, has now been overshadowed by the presence of a communicative media that has overpowered the industry.

Social media has reached the point where it is now available with a tap of the smartphones that majority of the audience use. …

Ever wondered why your sales just don’t seem to improve? You’ve clearly done the shift from traditional to digital marketing. You’ve also had your own website or blog post or video or product purchase site. You’ve also been focusing on customer retention and management. But still, the sales bar just seems low.

Let me break down a simple logic for you. Albeit billboards and signboards and posters have done their job of notifying that 30% discount that seems to be the news at your store. It still doesn't have people coming in. Let’s take this scenario instead. A person walks…

Proximity based marketing. Albeit the idea sounds new, It’s just a strategy that has been around for decades. From handing out flyers in front of stores, hiring people to advertise outside a store, and so on, the fact that it was location based, remained. However, strategies never stay the same. They evolve, get combined with other strategies and if successful, become a ‘trend’.

With the introduction of the World Wide Web, marketers were able to target consumers using IP address. However, location was still a major concern.

With the advent of mobile phones and GPS, the problem was given a…

The past year witnessed that around . With millennials taking the real-estate industry by storm through their consistently increasing purchases, it’s time for realtors to up their lead generation game and grab as many leads as possible. While some of the older lead generation techniques still hold their ground, the newer ideas are taking over the real estate industry.

Lead generation involves reaching out to new potential customers and re-engaging with the existing ones.

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When it comes to strategies there are two different types, digital and offline. Even though the major audience is clearly shifting…

Marketers are flocking towards mobile app development for their companies. We can mainly attribute this to the exceptional popularity of mobile apps among millennials considering that open an app more than 50 times in a day. With mobile apps expecting to generate a revenue of around through the app stores and in-app advertisements, the amount of power that mobile applications hold over businesses today is unsurprising.

Although social media and digital marketing have their advantages, mobile applications have the potential to help scale up the profits for businesses across all verticals. The three…

With smaller companies on the rise, with their plethora of creative ways to emerge in the marketing field, the fact that they constantly feel overshadowed by the retail digital marketing giants, remains. The efforts to compete with them are mainly set aside by the fact that the larger companies thrive on the audience that surrounds them.

So, if a larger audience is the key, how does one make sure that he gathers the right type of audience? How does one go from an unnoticed company to an eye grabbing one?

Here’s a strategy, so commonly used that it goes unnoticed…

Inspired by Snapchat, Facebook had introduced Messenger codes in 2016. This helped people instantly connect with other users on Messenger and start a conversation without having to connect with them on Facebook.

Starting August 15, 2019, Facebook will no longer support Messenger codes. The reason?Albeit not specific, these might be some of them.

  1. Low consumer awareness- Majority of users had no clue about the usage of Messenger codes
  2. Scanning a messenger code- One required a messenger app to scan these codes. These weren’t as relevant as QR codes, whose scanning only requires a smartphone camera.
  3. Integration- There might be chances…

Emerging marketing strategies engage with a crowd of small, medium and large businesses alike, but the ones who know how to leverage it the best, get to the top of the game. One such strategy is QR codes, and they have taken over almost every aspect of business in 2019. E commerce is one such area that has tapped on the potential of QR codes as well, with sites like Amazon running first in the race already.

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So what exactly has Amazon done right? What is it that the other companies can gain an insight from? …

One such strategy that businesses in the race for the top in digital marketing have improvised as QR codes. However, with the plethora of information and links available on the internet to create QR codes, how does one really know the best choice? What are the factors one would have to consider?

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The ultimate guide to knowing the best suited for your needs requires a list and some conditions to tick off. The core factors that one would have to consider while searching for one would include,

  1. DYNAMIC QR CODES When handling several campaigns, having a huge…

In the new age of startups and small businesses trying their hand to compete with retail giant companies who fight for the usual digital marketing spotlight, Proximity marketing apps can be the tactic that small businesses can use, to ensure consumer satisfactory service.

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With the use of apps, customer communication becomes relevant and helpful, with the customers receiving personalized notifications and user analytics helping businesses out.

When the point of choosing the best proximity marketing app pops up, certain necessities have to be kept in mind. The app must be available for both iOS and Android, should have a powerful…

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