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Navya Take the Complexity Out of Treatment Decision Making. We will Offer Cancer Treatment, Cancer Cure Advice, Cancer Helpline Etc.

Navya exists to use technology solutions to empower patients and provide them with hope and clarity when they are faced with the challenge of making complex medical decisions.Experts from Tata Memorial Centre (TMC) and National Cancer Grid (NCG) review your medical reports and provide an opinion on the best treatment option for your case.

Navya has developed a medical decision support system to assess treatment alternatives. Navya’s flagship products are in breast oncology. Its patented technology can scale across disease verticals and systematically combine the three sources of information that determine the treatment recommendation for an individual: Evidence based medical literature, medical opinion, and goals of care.

Navya’s software solutions include the world’s first search engine that searches for medical evidence specific to an individual medical case, and combines the results applicable to the individual with the consensus opinion of a global network of medical experts. An individual’s goals of care are dynamically elicited and factored in to arrive at a recommendation. Navya’s technology takes minutes to build consensus from a group of experts and uses its proprietary tools to collect preferences from an individual on each of the possible treatment alternatives.

Navya Network is based in Boston, USA with offices in Bangalore, India. The company is founded by Dr Naresh Ramarajan and Gitika Srivastava. Dr Ramarajan graduated from Harvard University and the Stanford School of Medicine. He is currently a physician in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles. Ms Srivastava graduated in computer science from Harvard University and has an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management. She has over ten years of experience as an entrepreneur and investor in early stage high tech and health care companies. She holds patents in distributed networking, databases, and search technologies.

Navya does not diagnose, treat, give orders or have the ultimate authority over the care of any individuals.

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Navya provides patients and physicians with the tools to make expert treatment decisions for complex medical conditions.Navya has accurately made over 10,000 expert treatment decisions in oncologists. If any Details Visit my site: , Call US: +91 7022009550

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