Best delicious street foods in india

Indian food is different from rest of the world not only in taste but also in cooking methods. Indian culture is having various kinds of street food items like wraps, vada pav, sandwiches, biryani, kebabs and salads. Everyone will feel proud about Indian food.


Bangalore is the best place in India for street foods. Vada pav is my favorite food in Bangalore. There are best vada pavs in Bangalore. There are a number of flavors for the vada pav including paneer, schezwan, aloo and many more. The delivery boys will deliver the hot food at doorstep in a 45 min if we order from any online food delivery shop. The prices are quite low and I personally recommend the Veg Tikki Vada Pav which is one of the best street foods in Bangalore. You can get this delicious food from box8 also. Use box8 coupons to get more savings.


Pune is the beautiful city in history. The city will attract every people with culture and climate. Every body will plan to visit this city. If you are pune people then you are most lucky person to enjoy the city, food items and have fun like the locals. There is some tasty food items are available in pune. Misal pav is one of the traditional maharashtrian dish and also popular in pune. Misal is a spicy curry made with mixed sprouts and moth beans and pav are buns. Misal is a garnished with mix farsan on the top and some with onion and tomatoes. There are some people who eat misal pav as their main meal.


I don’t need to explain about mumbai location and mumbai food items and especially for street food. Street food is common all over India, street food in Mumbai is noted because people from classes eat on the roadside almost round the clock and it is sometimes felt that the taste of street food is better than restaurants in the city, Pav bhaji is now available all over India with regional variations. Pav bhaji is an ever green favorite for all mumbai people. Pav is bread heated on a bread on a pan with a light application of butter and bhaji’s is a Marathi word for vegetables. In this case, it is an assortment of vegetables which are mashed and cooked with spices and seasonings. It is presented in a tray with pav and sides like onions, a piece of lemon, tomato and most importantly, a dollop of butter on the top of it. Have it today and enjoy the taste. From foodpanda restaurants also you can get this delicious food. You can try foodpanda coupons also.


Delhi is the best place in India for good culture and food. Rolls are the famous food in Delhi. Rolls are a much loved snack around the world. There are a wide variety of Rolls available at different eating joints in the city but the Kolkata style kathi rolls that consist of the kathi kebab rolled into a paratha are most popular in Delhi. This is one food item that you can savour, while you are, on the go. We bring to you some of the best places to indulge in a deliciously filled Roll. The delicious rolls are stuffed with Chicken, Mutton, Paneer, Potato or Vegetables. The most recommended roll is the Double Egg Rolls that are absolutely delicious


Hyderabad it is the place in India where you get all kind of food, it is the city known as the cultural and food hub of the country. It is known for its amazing food items. The best food is being hyderabadi biryani and haleem. Also Hyderabad is famous for south Indian food too. Hyderabad biryani is the best street food in Hyderabad. We can prepare the biryani in different styles like chicken biryani, fish biryani, veg biryani, egg biryani and etc. Chicken biryani best one in these. Chicken biryani is the most ordered and liked rice preparation in India especially in Hyderabad. Every body will try to eat this biryani, even i too. You don’t miss while you visit for next or first time. Enjoy the culture of food. Swiggy is having this tasty food items. You can grab discounts from Swiggy coupons.


The people those who are living in India will always try to visit goa in their life, because the city has that much of craze. The food culture of goa is also too good. Lacks of people will visit the goa in a month. Fish thali (fish with curry and rice) is the best food in goa. This was prepared with the fishes from sea, rice, curry. You can find this type food all famous places in goa. Especially this dish is the famous in calangute and anjuna beaches. When you visit goa for next time, then you don’t miss out this kind of food.


Chennai is one of the largest cities in India. Chennai or Madras as it was called before is the capital city of Tamil Nadu, a State of the Indian Sub continent. It is a major industrial, commercial, cultural, economic and educational centre of the Southern India Chennai is very famous for seafood. Idly is the main food item for chennai people and it is also famous too. The reasons why people like idly is because they are steamed and not fried or over cooked. Idli is made from ground rice or rice flour mixed with ground urad dal, salt, methi and water. No oil is required is required to prepare this special breakfast item.


The city jaipur is named as pink city, because the city has that much of beauty. This is most beautiful place in India as well as in rajasthan state. While coming to food culture this was also fabulous. The street food of Jaipur is not only loved by the locals but is also popular among the visitors. Pyaaz ki kachori is the most lovable food in jaipur. A kachori filled with pyaaz and spices, this delicacy is not to be missed. It is available in almost all the local shops. It is the favourite tea time snack. I also tasted this delicious food pyaaz ki kachori recently. It was fabulous. I also recommend you to taste this food to enjoy.