Just Breathe and Believe

It’s an interesting thing; love. You can get a definition off the internet or from a friend that claims to have been in love but you can never truly know for sure until you experience it yourself. Of course there are different types of love. There’s the love that you are born with; the one where you know you love your family without even having to say it. Then there’s the love that you experience with your friends where you say “i love you” whenever you’re having a good time or you want to appreciate them for having your back. Before you know it, you’re experiencing the other kind of love, the intimate one. It’s the one where you meet that someone special and you feel like the whole world just stops when you’re together. You close your eyes and they’re the first person to pop in your mind. Someone asks you what happiness is and you immediately know it’s when you’re with that person. You feel like you can share anything with them and be 100% yourself, without any fear or hesitation. You know in your heart that this person truly loves you and you truly love them for who they are.

Many people I think confuse love with infatuation but let me tell you there is a one massive difference, and that is WORK. If you truly love someone, you’re willing to work for them. You don’t just tell them you love them or kiss them on the cheek, but you actually make an effort. You reach out to them when they’re down, you guide them through difficult situations, you look out for them, you support them in their dreams, you never give up on them, and most importantly you love them through it all. That is true love. Sure all the physical stuff is fun but knowing that you have a partner who will always be by your side…well for me that is the most beautiful thing.

Love isn’t always easy and I guess I can say I’ve had my fair share. But in the end, it’s those difficult times that bring you closer. Think about it. Imagine you at your lowest point, that time when you feel angry or disappointed or frustrated. If at that point they still love you, then you have something very special together. For someone to love you even when you’re broken down, even when you’re struggling, that is true love. So it’s okay if times are tough. It’s okay if things aren’t working out the way you want it to. I know it hurts, trust me I do. I know what it’s like to feel like your heart is being ripped out of you. I know what it’s like to feel lost and maybe abandoned. I know what it’s like to have to let go because you love someone. Let me tell you it is the most painful thing I have ever experienced but it’s okay. Everything is going to be okay. Just breathe. I promise you love is forever. That is the beauty of it.

To my love, I do hope you read this. Those fireworks will continue, in one form or another. I will always be here for you and I will always love you. Please never forget that.

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