Rip a Heart Apart

Rip a heart apart and find yourself a whole universe of emotions.

Every human being goes through different sets of emotions through his life. Depending on the story they choose for themselves or which story choses them. Every human has hopefully gone through times of honour, dishonour, grace, love, friendship, loss, enmity, sacrifice, contradiction and much more. For, if one has lived a nice healthy fulfilled life, one might not have lived life at all. For that has not been the privilege that every other human being has received.

Prisoners have not lived a life lesser than a man of the society. They have however, probably lived a life more human but less humane, a life that has suffered more and has gone astray.

Rip apart a heart and you can take a peak into a whole universe of emotions you have never felt before, or cannot relate to, or cannot understand, but these have constituted the life of this whole other being who has lived a life as equal or more to yours. No life can ever be lesser than the other even if one has felt, seen, or discovered more than the other one. No life is above or below average. There is no rating.

Yes, although, there is evolvement and learning. If an unfulfilled life, does not acknowledge the problem, one may go to the extent of calling the person blind and scared, maybe even worthless. For mankind, has been put on this bizarre planet called Earth, at a test, not against each other, but against oneself. The real question is- How much courage do you have? How much can you give up in the name of love, integrity and evolution? How much can you evoke of your true self and learn to fly?

Life is made up of faded memories, broken images, heart brakes, moments of utmost happiness, courage, fear and maybe even hiding. There is so much hurt here, but that is why we are here, to fight it like a warrior, teach God what we are capable of, for he, never expected us to be the problem to our own solution. And yet, we co exist, we are a circle. The circle of life. And maybe, this circle that we have built is the good and the evil, the saints and the liars, heaven and hell. Hence, it all exists with us, by us. We are the sacrosanct and the balance. We are it. All of it. We are the highest power.

Rip apart a heart and find for yourself the origin of the whole universe.

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