The Lights are Out

Dear God, make us forget you.

Make us believe there is in no one else to blame, to look upto, or to hold onto. God, you have made us weak, insignificant and powerless.

We neither realise the worth of ourselves nor fully understand your presence.

We are half cooked, delusional and undecided.

Our brains are covered with a false blanket of an easier way out.

We do not face problems, in stead we hand them to you.

We have built a society which talks about you but does not understand what you try to say.

Dear God, your voice does not reach us. We have closed our conscience down.

Its dusty out there. The lights are out. Our windows are shut.

Dear God, It would have been better if you never existed or maybe if we do not.

Only one of us can truly be alive.

Make your choice.

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