Best Kickstarter Campaigns of the month October 2016

Kickstarter which is a crowdfunding platforms for creators was founded seven years ago back in 2009. And since then the company has helped thousands of creators to bring their creative projects to life.

Almost every day new creators around the world present their ideas to the people using the Kickstarter platform in the hope of getting enough crowdfunding for bringing their projects to life. Most of the times we see gimmick projects, but sometimes we find really cool ideas.

Following are the some of the best technology projects of this month,

iLDOCK for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Mooltipass Mini — Your Passwords On The Go!

Auxillite : The Ultimate Solution for Non-stop Music while Charging

AER — Throw your GoPro

MODI: Create Anything You Want with Robotics of Things

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