She sat there, for what felt like years, but was just a few moments. A few minutes in which she felt her whole world crumble. She could barely inhale, it took too much effort. Every muscle in her being was begging for release, a way out. She wanted to scream her head off, instead, she just sat there. To her left, she noticed the older couple, holding hands. Usually, this small act of affection would have left her in awe, but all it did now was make her quiver in annoyance. She knew that she shouldn’t detest them, they were still in love after all these years, they deserved only respect, but she just couldn’t help her feelings. She wanted to leave, but she couldn’t master up the courage, instead, she just sat there.

When the barista came over, to ask for her order, she stared up at her, with a blank look on her face. She barely heard what he’d asked, and mumbled what felt like a habitual response, not really thinking about it. ‘One coffee, black, please…’. As the barista left to get her coffee, she couldn’t help but to be hit by another wave of loneliness. As though, watching the barista’s back turned away from her, further emphasized the fact that she was all alone and all she wanted was a strong hug, one to remind her that all would be well. Instead, she just sat there.

When her coffee was finally brought to her, she took it in small sips, as though afraid that leaving the coffee shop would thrust her back into a world that she was trying so hard to avoid. So she took her time, enjoying the taste of the coffee, as it burned her throat. She just sat there. And when it was finally time for her to leave, she paid her bill, leaving a hefty tip, she would regret that later, and stood up to leave. She couldn’t help but look at the older couple once again. The man happened to catch her staring and smiled at her. Instead of smiling back, the tears began to fall….