When Learning Isn’t The Answer

Reading is good, learning is essential…

Researching what we do is critical before we make any decisions about things… right?

I definitely believe all of the these things are crucial for most of the processes that we do in life.

That new job that you’ve applied for - it’s obviously imperative that you do thorough research into the company, it’s culture and other alternatives.

That new car that you want to get? There’s no way that we could just walk into a car dealership and point at a random car and be satisfied with our choice.


I’ve realised recently that there are situations where too much research may actually be a hinderance instead of a benefit.

You know those situations where you have the motivation to try something new, you’ve got an idea of what you want to do but you want to learn everything about it first?

On the day-to-day, whether its trying out a new activity, thinking about going on a trip overseas or even starting a new relationship, we can be our own worst enemies.

We can get stuck inside our own heads, overanalysing all the pros and cons.

Have you ever replayed situations that have happened, and realised that you’re looking for things that aren’t even there?

Or imagined future situations that haven’t occurred yet and put yourself off the thought of doing something before you’ve given it a shot?

I’ve heard this phenomenon referred to as –

Paralysis by Analysis

We can become stuck in one place, fooling ourselves into believing that research will help us make a more informed decision.

We are only stalling making a decision because of fear.

As the old saying goes – ‘We spend so much time dreaming & not enough time doing’

Fear is an interesting beast, and can come disguised in many outfits…

‘I’m going to’


‘Once I’ve saved up and am ready’

These are all phrases that we use every day.

I think about so many situation where I’d love to do something that I know would be good for me but instead practicality comes along and hinders my motivation.

It’s time to take back our life.

To dive into situations and say yes to more opportunities.

We might not always be prepared but life is about learning along the way.

It keeps things interesting and one thing I do know is…

We will never accomplish what we want but overanalysing.

Take the leap of faith and build your wings on the way down

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