Local Startup and Non-profit Unite, for a Big D Style Fundraiser Benefiting Tornado Victims

DFW Comes Together

The recent tornadoes in the DFW area have devastated local neighborhoods. Although many organizations and people have come forward to assist those in need, it seems there is still quite a bit to do.

A local Dallas Startup, Nawkr, and a non-profit organization, Urban Scene, are teaming together to bring the best of the DFW charitable society together. In a fundraiser, set to be held in a magnificent 4 story Uptown luxury residence, on February 10th.

The idea behind the event is to first and foremost raise funds for those in need. Secondly, since charities of all stars and stripes will be coming together, the fundraiser aims to help these organizations find out more about each other and network.

Nawkr cofounder puts it this way:

Many non-profits and charities work in silos….for great causes, but usually within their respective cause being supported. The fact of the matter with the recent Tornado disaster, is that all populations were affected. Additionally, many of these non-profits and charities need help, and having the ability to network with like-minded individuals can lead to a beneficial connection.

Urban Scene and Nawkr, a mission with local roots

Urban Scene, founded by local Realtor Landon Burke, pays homage to local artists, and maintains a charitable presence within Dallas. What is Urban Scene exactly? Their mission statement reads:

Urban Scene is dedicated to promoting, supporting, and celebrating the art community as a means to enrich Dallas culture. Urban Scene uses the power of cross promotion, events, and fundraising to bring awareness and support to the arts, local non-profits, and individuals who are creating a positive impact in the community.

Urban Scene, will transform a premier luxury residence into a one night pop-up art gallery. It only makes sense, since the home being used for the venue is empty (It’s on the market, only $2.5 million or so), why not fill it with art and have a Dallas Style fundraiser to support the local community right? Best of all the event showcases only the best local artists - further benefiting our community.

Nawkr, on the other hand is a bit of a newbie. A homegrown local startup; it has had some rave reviews, and has even been invited to attend the famed SXSW Interactive show this year in March. Nawkr, is an app (Iphone only) meant to connect people - it allows you to peruse the network of people around - in hopes of making a serendipitous connection. Connecting with the app during the fundraiser as well ensures you don’t miss out on any meaningful connections. Because of this local connecting ability, Nawkr has been recently referred to as “The Tinder for Everything Else.”

Tickets for this fundraiser are only $35. The event will include live music, small bites, wine/beer, and of course amazing local art. Proceeds from the event will be donated to the Good Samaritans of Garland, who have set aside a fund to help those affected by Tornadoes in the surrounding areas.

Event Notes:

Buy Tickets to Event here.

Download Nawkr here.

Visit Urban Scene webpage here.

Venue for Fundraiser: 2824 N. Hall St., Dallas TX 75204, See pictures here.

Date & Time: February 10th, 6pm - 9pm.

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