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Nawkr, “The Tinder For Everything Else” Counts Down to SMU launch.

Home grown social networking app, Nawkr, is officially infiltrating the SMU campus. Having recently created a buzz about “connecting with something new” at SXSW in Austin, this local startup is galvanizing local support to make connecting easier.

We cynically ask, ‘do we really need another social networking app?’ If data and behaviors are any indicators, then the answer is an overwhelming YES! Silicon Valley is reeling from recent turmoil and defection of users from giants like Twitter and Linkedin. Even the behemoth Facebook is in “Crisis Mode” as it struggles to increase posts from average users.

Serendipity and Local Networks

Nawkr brings a cool fresh air to social networking by making it easy to make new connections. The “other” social networks are good at connecting friends and family, but stink at helping you make new connections. As co-founder Angel Armendariz says:

“New connections is where the magic happens. Our current friends and family social networks have already had most of the utility extracted from them, not much new will come from these. However, the ‘unknown’ network around you holds an incredible amount of potential value and utility. We want to make it effortless for people to tap into this network — embracing serendipity.”

Dallas, The New Silicon Valley

Dallas does not seem like the breeding ground for a new tech company. Silicon Valley still seems to hold the Midas Touch, and maintain its “Barbarians at The Gate” position as the selectors of winners and losers.

Flying under the radar does hold some ‘come to market’ advantages however. Increasingly, venture capitalists, and big market participants (corporations) are keeping their eye, if not altogether relocating to Dallas/Fort Worth.

The great migration of businesses to DFW is no accident; smart state tax incentives plus one of the largest millennial populations in the U.S., is the perfect recipe for innovation. Signs of the tech leap in DFW abound with the likes of The DEC, a co-working entrepreneurial space, and incubators such as Tech Wildcatters.

Timing and Culture

Nawkr is launching at a time that smartphones are ubiquitous. Additionally, apps such as Tinder, Uber, and Airbnb, are making connecting with strangers the new norm.

The key insight driving Nawkr’s vision is that “Everybody is looking for somebody.” Think about it this way — who would you like to be introduced to right now? The answer to this question is what Nawkr intends to make answerable and actionable.

“Students will really like seeing all different people not just ones that they are friends with on Facebook.” — Alexa Grillo, SMU Student

Follow the thread…you open the app, browse profiles, and find someone interesting. Next, you tap the “nawk” icon. This interesting person receives a notification that you wish to connect with them. They accept (or decline) your request. If they accept you’re ready to begin instantly chatting with a new connection!

Eastwood’s and Uptown

What better place to have a launch party than a hot new Uptown Dallas Bar. Eastwood’s, a newbie to the Uptown Dallas scene has come out of the gates swinging. Dubbed “the living room of Uptown,” Eastwood’s is quickly building a following among Dallasites.

The Nawkr at SMU launch party will be April 21st, from 8–11pm. Current students and alumni alike will take a brief leave from studying (or work) to enjoy the best Dallas has to offer. The festivities will include prizes, surprises, and complimentary beverages for those who download the Nawkr app (iPhone only).

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