I miss the summer of 2009–2011

2009–2011 was the eternal summer of balearic pop and chillwave and escapism. Obama was newly in office and the disillusion/cynicism had yet to truly set in. Everything was sunsoaked and dappled and forever free. There was an obsession with beaches and water. Balearic trance and shoegaze and dreampop and garage were all learning how to be bedmates. Gothenburg was the coolest city in the world. We had yet to perfect our twitter game, and we were ~innocent fresh babes~. It was all heat and flash, altogether short-lived. It was just 6–7 years ago. We view it now with a sense of irony (informed by Carles if nothing else. Remember him?) but also, perhaps unexpectedly, a reluctant, surging, tremendous wistfulness and nostalgia. It was a good period for a very specific kind of music. Let’s go on the journey. Here’s the playlist.

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