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I started writing this as a personal reaction on the bits of research I often do on the difference between men&women, the personality temperaments and the 5 love languages, on the many motivational video’s I’ve seen passing by these days and on self-reflection on subjects as communicating of emotions&thoughts (verbally, in body language and in love languages), receiving essential information & life lessons through words&silence and the value I find in words, whether spoken/sung, kept or written.

The importance of words

We might smell someone’s being scared, but only words can express & confirm deeper fears. For a touch, a hug, a kiss might make you feel loved, but it takes real love & courage to whisper a genuine ‘I love you’. For we might do anything and everything to regain that trust, but it takes strength & vulnerability, confidence & humility to actually say we are sincerely sorry!

Whether you are sharing a personal appreciation, explaining the reason for your hug or giving subtitles to your tears, words could add some extra value & weight to it all, if expressed with wisdom, balance and care.


Unbalanced words -too many or maybe too few- create confusion and miscommunications. Men should talk, women should stop talking at all – society loves the extremes. But what if we would just take the time to understand our opposites by getting out of your own. What if we would just listen to what the silence is trying to teach us about you, and him, and ‘we’.. What if we would just listen intentionally to find the source of the words and understand her passion.. What if we would just spend some quiet time together, listening to the heartbeat of our connection, without having to fill it up and waste the moment with words to confuse and cover up personal insecurities.. What if we would accept his words of affection & appreciation and let it contribute to the building of the ME, the you you eventually wish to be, which will become an even greater us.. Silence could be considered as the opposite of a word, a monologue, a conversation. But isn’t it the silence in between, the absence of words, that creates a clearer expression, a meaningful intention, a needed tension – which we all need to get the(ir) perspective. I believe if we could aim for a balance between words and silence we would learn to listen with intent, receive compliments wholeheartedly and appreciate the sharing of opinions – for a silent soul hears the background of what’s spoken.

It takes more courage to be silent at times, than to speak up for ego or self-destruction. Silence speaks louder – silence might even shout.. if we would only listen, we would understand.

Let’s not just yearn for words, communication, information, inspiration, motivation, confirmation and affirmations, but let’s learn to adapt “listening” and “silence” in the concept as well.

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