Life on the internet can feel like a proverbial family reunion dinner. One relative makes an off-color remark, and all the kids leap half out of their chairs, screaming at one another.

If you’ve ever sat through a dinner like that, you know how things usually end: someone throws their…

When it comes to making money, software developers are an odd bunch. Developers produce code, and code is in high demand. At a glance, it seems obvious that this work pays for itself.

But when a developer produces code of their own choosing, they quickly find that while their code-writing…

When I was in college, I faced a pile of unappealing job opportunities, things that required polishing my résumé to a pyrite gleam and praying for the thrill of being rewarded with a title like “Junior Analyst”.

In addition to the job slog, I’d made two Hail Mary bets. One…

Nadia Eghbal

Not using this to write anymore. Writing is over here:

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