Maintainer vs. Community

There is a tension between maintainer-centric and community-centric solutions, but I don’t think they need to be at odds with each other, either.

Our team thinks about helping new contributors as a way to reduce maintainer burden. We don’t want to do anything for one side that doesn’t help the other. The maintainer perspective actually helps us figure out what to work on. Ex. incentivizing tons of new contributors to open first PRs might overwhelm maintainers, but GitHub taking a bigger role in teaching people *how* to contribute means maintainers don’t have to.

Finally, not all projects are alike. Smaller scope projects, or those that aren’t part of a thriving language ecosystem, don’t benefit as much from community. There are also projects with a lot of debt already (1000's of open issues, or technical debt) who have to work harder to get to a good place. That requires serious time investment, and it’s probably not going to come from a casual contributor.

Tl;dr community solves a lot of things, maybe even most things, but it doesn’t solve everything.

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