She stood there alive…..

She was standing tall in the pouring rain and the stormy winds. The chaos around her seemed to disappear. The raindrops that fell on her were dissolving her sorrow, failures and hatred. The more the raindrops touched her the more she felt relieved of the weight of sorrows.

The wind that touched her brushed a tinge of happiness on her cheeks. With each passing time she felt lighter and lighter. She felt so light as if she could blow away with the wind and wander to a place filled with flowers and candles.

Her feet didn’t feel sore anymore because of the high heels or the hard days work. She saw the world this way for the very first time. It looked different without the emotions that always hovered her soul and fears that kept her in the dark.

Her fears meant nothing today, she faced the sun with a smile. The rhytm of the wind and the hymn of the bird resonated with her and touched her like never before. She stood there for a long time below the huge sky. For the first time in her life she stood at one place, not rushing to do things that were worthless but she used to do just for the sake of doing them.

Things looked brighter, she felt free-er. She stood there alive. At the same time just behind where she stood, the paramedics declared her dead and took her body away. The body which kept her buried under the illusion of being alive.

Irony is that she was a girl who never believed in life after death.

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