Morning Motivation.


There is a sticky note that sits on the right end of my desktop along with probably ten others. This one is the smallest in comparison to its counterparts. It simply says in capital: Eat the frog! From the time it’s been there, that little sticky note has garnered quite a few looks. Some have been plain confusion, some laughter but most have been of bewilderment. Eat the frog isn’t your usual sticky note material, I admit. But perhaps out of all my sticky notes, this is the one that has the most important message on it. Eat the frog is an analogy that Mark Twain made in his famous quote, “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day”. What he meant to say was that supposedly if one had to eat a frog that day, they would try and put off in the lieu of it being extremely undesirable. They would instead try and do their tasks for the day, but they would not be able to concentrate on them. This Mark Twain said would happen because they would be in constant worry of the eating the frog. This would result them in accomplishing nothing, neither would the frog be out of the way nor would the tasks of the day result in something fruitful. That’s why Mark Twain said, eating the frog first thing in the morning is the best thing to do, since nothing worse could possibly happen and this would leave one to concentrate wholly. The frog here is metaphor for the worst task of the day, that one dreaded activity you would rather avoid. But Twain’s analogy is true, finishing of something you don’t like leaves much more time for everything else you gain much more joy from. So that’s why as distasteful as it is, I try and eat the frog. More often than not, first thing in the morning.


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