What can you do for your mom for this Mother’s day?

Do you just buy her flowers and gifts? Do you think that your gifts are enough for her? I think moms are absolutely not so materialistic. She won’t expect something expensive she expects something precious. You know what it is??? It’s your time!

From being our mediator for getting night out permissions to attending all the crucial parent teachers meeting, she has always remained our pillar of support.

Many of us might not believe in the idea of acknowledging her struggles and sacrifices. The purpose of the day is to dedicate one day of our lives to reminisce them and do something exclusive. Let the day be more about spending the day with her, making new memories while reminiscing the old ones. Let there be lesser hash tags and more tight hugs.

Just look at her eyes, ask her to explain her motherhood and you can see a mixture of pain and happiness in her words. Hold her hand and ask about your childhood, definitely you will see a sparkle in her eyes. And more specially ask about her childhood, her college life and her favorites, you will see a mischievous smile on her face but you may not get the answer.

So what is your plan?

Bring out something wonderful to make her day memorable and ‘write more’ here to share your story.