Social Entrepreneurship seminar: feedback

I think our group did not know what to expect from such a subject as “Social Entrepreneurship” and it is great we were not prepared to what happened.
Indeed, as far as I am concerned, this “class”, if we can call it so, was a real success at a collective level as well as an individual level.

The activities and subjects were very diversified: listening to music, games/icebreakers (hugs, statues, races, stretching…), collective intelligence and support between the students, startup thinking, creativity (many short-term projects conducted simultaneously), freedom and self responsibility, and finally, fun !

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At a personal level, this course has had a considerable impact on me. It made me realised I had pretty much no idea who surrounded me even if I had known my classmates for years, and it made me aware how amazing and unique they were. Every single one person had his own personal story and background, and every single one of them was complex, complete and incredibly interesting. This very sudden awareness made me feel ashamed to realise how blind I had been so far, but also made me want to be a better person: more open and attentive.

At a collective level, I feel like this course also had a positive impact. It seems everyone changed at some point: people are more sensitive and attentive to others. We now act more as a family.

I would like to lay emphasis on the qualities as a pedagogue of our teacher, Steven Asei Dantoni: we mattered to him, he cared about the subject of his class, he had fun, he was involved and he loved teaching. 
My main topic during this seminar was French education, and the success of this class (everyone listened and participated) is the best proof I could have. My whole point was that the current system is not helping kids to reach their full potential but drags them down because of standardization. To me, teachers close to students, freedom, creativity, attention, respect and fun are the beginning of a solution. I am therefore thrilled to witness there actually are teachers trying to make the difference. It maintains hope.

As a conclusion, I simply loved this seminar. It was an amazing experience and I am positively surprised to see how we changed for good in such a short period of time.

I would like to thank you Steve, for what you shared with us. I also would like to thank my classmates for being such a good company: fun, helpful and friends.

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