Snapchat Issue - And there goes India in a frenzy 'again'

Dear Indians,

We love India. We love the diversity and vivid colours our country has to offer. Infact, I myself have a genuine predilection to the stories of different individuals from different backgrounds that unite the entire country.

Above all, we love it for it's culture, for these core values but unfortunately this core that we are so proud of is gradually and insidiously transforming into mere everyday chores.

We are inadvertently falling into the abyss of insecurity. Someone wants to create a new Singapore instead of creating an abode of rich Indian culture. Someone is busy sitting behind his/her computer screen and abusing a sports personality who doesn't know Sachin.

When will we ever handle things maturely? Are we really this shallow to handle such issues at just the surface level and consequently demean our own values in front of the whole world?

Yes, someone called our country poor and it's not right on his part to say something like this - does this mean we go all violent in the cyber world?

How is this different from 'The Killing of Farkhunda’ case in Afghanistan then?

An initiative where we can enlighten the person with the right facts and defend our country concomitantly while being calm and composed - dont you think this is the ideology we are grown up with? After all, we are a peace loving country, or was it all a phantasmagoria.

Where we have the opportunity to make the accused respect us and not just consider us a 'market', we are busy resorting ourselves to abuses and angry rants.

Are we so blind to see that we are diving deep into our own delusional world.

We are retaliating instead of courageously standing up against things we don't like.

My dear compatriots - it's time to show some humility, be a bigger person at least for once. Our country deserves to be looked up to, be an inspiration for the world.

I understand your sentiments and I understand that your are hurt...but it doesn't mean we base ourselves to a level where cannot face ourselves in the mirror.

-From someone amongst you to all of you.