What the millennial women wants?

Quick tip: starts with respect!

As a trend researcher I keep constantly being asked, what does the average millennial women want?

I research consumer behaviour I am focused on fashion, beauty and technology and that can be so trick at some point because you are really on the top of every conversation.

You follow all the trends in each field and as millennial women myself working with women empowerment and NGO’s you really feel you want to work with purpose, and there’s nothing more tiring than listening from a possible client that you are a “FEMINAZI”!

Yes, You read it correctly! FE-MI-NA-ZI

Not here, not today, not now that I truly know what the term “NAZI” means.

For those who are here reading me and doesn’t know who I am, here’s my story short:

it’s been almost a year since I left my city São Paulo, a place where I had the security of my family a quite stable career as freelancer Trend Researcher and decided to move to Berlin to study female entrepreneurship, learn a new language get engaged in a new culture and to RUN AWAY from fucking SEXISM in my beloved country BRAZIL…

This text won’t be polite and it’s probably full of gramatical mistakes, and it’s ok because grammar is not my stronger suit anyway. But this is how I feel right now, and If there’s something that this city has taught me so far is to BE YOURSELF.

This year has definitely showed me how to toughen up, how to keep going when nothing is certain. Here in Berlin I found friends for life, that were really there for me when I couldn’t reach my family or calling home was not an option.

I found love, trust, loyalty… just being who I am connecting with people, helping people and being helped. it’s definitely not easy and that’s what my facebook or Instagram feed will not show you.

Because facing anxiety, panic attacks, anorexia and all your fears at once is not something you wanna share on social media!

I am so thankful for the people I have met on my way, all my beloved friends each one of them, you sure know who you are.

I am also thankful to every woman who opened their door and believed me even when I failed and I failed so many times this year that I can’t even count…

But there’s something I have not failed and that was building relationships, connecting with real people making real friends and fighting for the things that I believe in.

I fight for women in tech because diversity can take us further.

I fight for a sustainable fashion, because fashion is the greatest passion in my life and I am sure it’s possible to dress people and make them feel good about themselves without harming the environment or using work related to slavery to produce fashion goods.

I fight for women because #metoo, and I will keep fighting for women because even though this is my story, I know that all the women that I admire have been through paths very similar to mine.

So at the end of the day what millennial woman want, it’s the space to do their jobs in peace, to act fiercely, to ask for better work conditions without hearing back that you are a “FEMINAZI” .