Legendary Destinations In Croatia

Croatia’s distinctive blend of ancient treasures, tourist spots, rocky beaches and its well liked culture makes it a great holiday destination. Dalmatia has an incredible devotion in the enhancement of Croatia’s tourism. The country has some cultural areas like Pannonian, Dinaarinen and Adriaattinen, which are famous for its spirited and vibrant culture. During the journey in Croatia, tourists may enjoy various adventure sports activities like diving, boating, swimming, kayaking and hiking etc.

Croatia’s Legendary Destinations

Biograd Na Moru: You do not have to search longer for enjoyable holidays. Biograd is place where people often visit to enjoy sailing and their relevant activities among the amazing islands. It is placed on the Adriatic Seashore, between the Zadar and Sibenik. During the journey, people can visit interesting tourist attractions such as a St. Anastasia Church, ‘Tkon’ the fishing village, and Regional Museum and so on.
Petrcane: Petrcane is a little fishing village located in North Zadar. This wonderful town offer lots of tourist attractions such as crystal clear sea, national parks, stunning beaches, and world’s most beautiful sunset. Petrcane’s beaches are enclosed by the pine trees to protect from the extreme sun rays. The stunning beauty of nature makes people fall in love with Petrcane.
Zadar: Zadar is one of the prettiest tourist destinations in Croatia. The city has lots to see like attractive shopping centers, stunning beaches, astonishing waterfalls, cool cafes, modish restaurants and five national parks. Zadar has a big transport hub where tourist can easily explore the nearer regions. The tourist has a chance to see the most incredible view of the sunset.
Sveti I Filip Jakov: Sveti has relax atmosphere where people always prefer to visit and enjoy their holidays with near and dear ones. There are lots of tourist attractions i.e. Borelli house and garden, nature parks, Church of St Michael, exotic nature, national park, and crystal clear sea. Sveti is a wonderful mixture of the Dalmatian culture, nature and the modern way of life.
Roca Heritage Farm: Roca farm is situated in a small Vodice village, where people always get pleasure from the traditional cuisine. Moreover, you can take a halt near the olive groves to taste the local wine and liquors. The tourist will definitely get an astonishing travel experience in Croatia. The park’s opening and closing time are from 4 pm to 10 pm on all weekdays
Kornati National Park: The Kornati National Park is the central attraction of Croatian islands, which is established in 1980. The incredible beauty of the Kornati may bring a unique charm in your holidays in Croatia (lomat Kroatiassa). Throughout the journey, the tourist can enjoy sailing around the fabulous archipelago. Apart from that, people can take pleasure of swimming in their free time. The park opens in the morning at 8.30 am and closes at 5 pm only on Friday.
KrKa National Park: KrKa is well known for the natural charm, excellent scenery, eye-catching walking trails, astonishing waterfalls and spectacular wildlife. The park is available for 8 hrs so that you can visit there from 8 am to 4 pm. The park has amazingly gorgeous, flourishing and grassy. During the journey, people will enjoy the picturesque view of the KrKa National Park.
Zadar: Zadar is Northern Dalmatia’s prime city and very beautiful combination of tradition and vibrant culture. The city is blessed with interesting tourist attractions like the St. Donat, Roman Forum, The Cathedral St Anastasia, Sea Organ, Five Defensive Wall, Museums, Monuments, Palaces and much more. The tour is arranged for 3 hrs and 30 min on all weekdays. In the city, hotels are located within walking distance from the center of Zadar.

Special Features

• Tasty Mediterranean dishes
• The famous Sea Organ and Aurinkotervehdykselle
• 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites
• Paklenica perfect place for hiking
• Dalmatia’s popular dish Päätteksi

Final Verdict

If you want to visit Croatia, then get connected with WeTravel.fi They offer various tour package in Croatia (matkapaketti Kroatiassa) and its close by regions. As well as, they provide cheap flights to Croatia, Zadar and its nearer regions. Croatia’s phenomenal destinations, Zadar’s vibrant culture, Dalmatia’s scrumptious cuisine will mesmerise your holiday travel in Croatia
Croatia may bring a bunch of fantastic delights and unforgettable memories in your life.

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