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Why Visit Dubai?

Dubai is one of the prettiest and quickly developed cities in the world. A Number of beautiful places are available in Dubai so that you can enjoy a lot. Glamorous shopping malls, chilling deserts, water parks, fashionable restaurants, classy buildings are the top most attractions of the city. Because of all these things Dubai becomes one of the best-loved tourist places in the world. Hence, Selecting Dubai as your holiday destination is a right decision.

Why We Need Dubai Visa?

Everyone knows that Visa is a very significant license, which is necessary to enter any nation throughout the world. Like all the nations Dubai also needs this. A visa formation procedure depends on several factors such as nationality, the purpose of your Dubai visit and its planned duration. Individuals of GCC countries may not required to demand a visa to enter into Dubai. Natives of 33 countries will get their visa whenever they reach at the airport. To enter the Dubai, you may receive several categories of visa. Usually, travelers will get their visa to Dubai within a few working days (within 3 to 4 working days). It is important for a traveler to request for visa before 58 days of traveling.

What Are The Types Of Dubai Visa?

With you will accept 6 distinct types of visa
• 7 Days: This kind of Dubai visa is useful for applicants who wants a short Dubai trip. Applicants will receive 7 days visa with fewer papers.
14 Days: 14 days visa is accessible for those visitors who wants a short vacation in Dubai just for appointments, group meetings or a mini vacation.
30 Days: If vacationers are looking for an extended visit to Dubai, then 30 days visa highly recommended. This visa will also be effective for those candidates who would like to find out jobs.
90 Days: An individual who wishes for a long term visit to Dubai, 90 day visa is the most suitable option for him. With this kind of Dubai visa, you will enjoy your long holiday to Dubai.
30 Days Multiple Entry: These kinds of visa allows numerous entries into Dubai throughout the validity period & may be obtained by those applicants who plan to visit Dubai for small business, workshops & trade events, or a holiday.
90 Days Multiple Entry: Like 30 days multiple entry visa, this category of visa permits you to visit Dubai for many times in 90 days.

What Is The Fee Structure Of Dubai Visa?

According to the type of visa and urgency of Dubai visit, Dubai visa fees are different. Here, you may detect 3 categories of payment structure.
Normal Visa: It is a default type of Dubai visa. You will get your normal visa with the regular procedure by paying less fees. Visa processing time for this kind of visa is 3 to 4 working days.
Express Visa: It is a very helpful category of visa for those vacationers who have not sufficient time to request a visa. Visitors will obtain an Express Dubai Visa very quickly, i.e. within 1 to 2 working days with an extra price.
Urgent Visa: If a traveler suddenly takes the decision to enter Dubai and he wants his Dubai visa very quickly, then here you may get an Urgent Dubai Visa. A traveler will acquire his Urgent Dubai Visa within a few hours with some extra charges.

Last Words

As given above, you may request 6 distinct types of visa to enter Dubai and you may demand any of these as per your suitability. As per your urgency of Dubai visit, you will choose your visa by 3 different payment structure. If you are the residents of India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal, then obtaining an Ok To Board is compulsory for you. UAE Online Visa delivers FREE OK TO BOARD SERVICE for you. 
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