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WeTravel.fi is one of the largest Croatian travel agencies that offer a fantastic holiday package to Croatia and its nearby regions. They emerged themselves as the most trusted travel brand in the world. Positioned as a brand that believes in “Creating Happy Journey”, WeTravel.fi provides information, pricing, availability, and booking facility for airlines, hotel bookings and holiday packages. Due to its outstanding service, WeTravel.fi have reached new heights.

Croatia’s Enchanting Destinations

WeTravel.fi has great contribution to influence the tourist in terms of Croatian tourism. People always prefer to visit Croatia’s famous destinations which are given below:
• Zadar: Zadar is an ancient city on Croatia’s Dalmatian coast, known for the Roman and Venetian ruins of its peninsular old town, including several Venetian gates in the city walls. Zadar is a city of tourism blessed with exceptional history and rich cultural heritage. With its amazing tourist attractions Zadar tries to make his own tourism identity in the European country.
• Kornati National Park: In tourist story tale Kornati is mentioned as nautical paradise. The tourist will enjoy sailing around the fabulous group of islands which is encompassed by crystal clear sea. During the journey, tourists will test all of his nautical skill. The charming beauty of Kornati will mesmerize your holidays in Croatia (lomat Kroatiassa). Apart from the sea gull, the park includes different species of plants and land animal.
• Roca Heritage Farm: Roca farm is located in the countryside of Vodice village where people always prefer to visit there. As well as, tourist takes a halt near the olive groves to taste the liqueurs and local wines. The tourist will definitely admire about their travel experience in Croatia. The farm is about a half-hour drive from Biograd and about 45 min from Petrcane.
• KrKa National Park: KrKa is one of the Croatian National parks, located in middle Dalmatia. It is seventh National Park mainly famous for its waterfalls and wildlife. Basically, It is a combination of cultural, recreational, and tourism activities. More than 800 species of Mediterranean plants are growing in the KrKa National Park.
• Biograd Na Moru: It is a city and municipality in northern Dalmatia, Croatia and former capital of the medieval Croatian Kingdom surrounded by two little bays. In Biograd, tourists can visit Tkon an old fishing village, the St. Anastasia Church, the Regional Museum and more.
• Sveti Filip i Jakov: It is a municipality in Croatia with approx 4,606 population. Basically, the Borelli family has a great contribution to the enhancement of Sveti’s tourism. A Church of St Peter, Borelli house and garden, Church of St Michael, Turanj village, Dugi Otok Island, the Vrana Lake Nature Park may bring a unique charm in your vacations in Croatia.
• Petrcane: It is a lovely village in Croatia located about 10 kilometers north of Zadar. Inhabitants are farmer, fisherman and now-a-days, tourism is one of the main industries in Petrcane. The village has various places of interest such as St Bartholomew’s Church, Our Lady of the Rosary Church, Trogir city, Paklenica National Park, Northern Velebit National Park.

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Bottom Line

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