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We are all aware of the unfortunate events that occurred in Mexico in April 2010. That's 185 million gallons of oil spilled into the ocean, putting many marine life in jeopardy. It occurred as a result of a pipe puncture caused by oil and gas pressure. It could have been prevented if the fault had been identified earlier by a smart automation system.

This is why smart automation is needed, and the need for a safe, stable, and productive industrial system gave rise to the Internet of Things.

At first, internet access was restricted to laptop, mobile, and smartphone computers. However, with the Internet of Things, almost every appliance can be linked to the internet and remotely controlled.

Humans used the internet to communicate before, but now objects and things can feel their surroundings and connect and collaborate with one another.

What is IoT?

IoT refers to everything that can connect to the internet and capture and exchange data.

IoT refers to a network of interconnected devices that use the internet to send and receive data. Basically, we have a device that uses sensors and actuators to gather data from its surroundings and then sends that data to the internet for processing.

What is the use of IoT?

Many aspects have changed as a result of the pandemic. Let's talk about online classes. Did we ever consider them before the year 2020? NO is the answer. However, online classes have become the standard form last year.

When it comes to online courses, IoT devices can assist you in developing a conducive environment. What exactly are we talking about? IoT systems can be used to construct automated homes. When it's time for your online class, these automated houses adapt the lighting to the learning environment, the sound adjusts, and the TV automatically switches to online class mode.

What do you do if you're out of dairy or eggs at home? Ok, you normally go shopping by yourself. When it comes to automated houses, though, this is not the case. An automated home detects when supplies are about to run out and places the order.

How do you keep track of your home's security? Perhaps you have a security guard or a firefighter. When it comes to the home, IoT automation can help to improve security. You can keep an eye on your home while you're away with these IoT cameras. When something unfavourable occurs, it alerts you and then monitors various facets of your house.

This is how the use of IoT devices affects one's lifestyle.

IoT adoption on a wide scale

Healthcare: Many are already using smart wearables like smartwatches, bands, etc and it’s already progressing. But technology will be so advanced with IoT that you can have a smart shirt and this shirt does everything from keeping a record of your body temperature to checking your heartbeat. All this data taken by this smart wearable is given to AI and it does the prediction of the future disease or current disease. Therefore it helps in preventing it.

The AI-based smart wearable is like a personal physician/doctor that stays with you 24x7.

Since AI has no limitations. You can feed it with numerous data and biomarkers. AI will analyze every data and predict your future health. It analyses what type of disease, what stage it is at, what drug to be taken?

Agriculture: Currently, any fertilizer is sprayed throughout the farm. But through IoT technology there will be roboticized weeding and insect targeting. It identifies the plants that are infected or having fewer nutrients through satellite imaging or drones. Therefore only those infected plants receive the fertilizer instead of the entire farm.

Ed-tech: In the future, you’ll learn things in a short span through AI-enhanced personalized learning, AR-VR-aided, and virtual classrooms and conferences.

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