Who decided 
You have to be strong to survive
You have to be brave to live
You have to be like everyone else
That you can't be yourself

No one decaded 
To live a life with no meaning
Everyone was born to be different 
Everyone was born to love
Everyone was born to be them selfs

No one is different 
We all have flaws”

Thats what she said 
But no all agree

“Everyone is the same 
That also means the flaws”

Thats what they all said
And everyone agree

But no one's alone
We all have someone
That believe in us 
Even if they don't show it

Change is different for everyone 
But if the change makes you give up
It's not the change you need
Just like trust

Trust is different in everyone 
But what makes me trust you 
Is that you are not the same as me
We are all different 
What is your different