Are You Looking for the Best Animal Intensive Care in UAE?

Animal Intensive Care Unit in UAE is the second most important place for your pet after your own home. It is essential to choose one for your pet beforehand of an emergency so that it could be easier for you to take the animal over there immediately. An Animal Intensive Care Unit in UAE is the place where you can find the specialized doctors for the animals. These hospitals are not limited to the treatment of pets and domestic animals rather wild animals that are injured or ill are also being taken to these hospitals.

Animal hospitals UAE are now located in every locality and community all around the world. It is now a convenience to get your pet registered at a nearby hospital and to take it over there for regular checkups and in case of an urgent emergency. There are different methods through which you can be able to find and select a hospital for your pet.

• You can consult with your friends and family members specifically those who themselves are pet owners. They can tell you their recommended places and you and go and visit those to form your own opinion.

• You can go to pet care provider or a breeder to know about a reputable and trustworthy animal hospital.

Animal hospitals in UAE offer best veterinary care for injured or sick pets like cats, dogs, birds, rabbits and small mammals. The doctors specializing in animal medicine are known as veterinarians. The other services include orthopaedic care, radiology, and cardiology. Exotic pets like reptiles, ferrets, pocket pets etc., are also taken care of there. Pharmaceutical products are available in the animal hospitals to provide total pet care. Animal hospitals also conduct a variety of pet wellness programs, including vaccinations and routine health examinations. Animal hospitals play a vital role in the prevention of diseases of animals that can be transmitted to man.

The below list of Animal Intensive Care Unit in UAE services which are offered are:

Immunization and Wellness Care

Prevent illness whenever possible. The time and effort invested in wellness programs have rewards for both pets and owners. Wellness programs must be designed particularly for all of your pets by your veterinarian and incorporate the comprehensive physical test, oral examination, heartworm and flea control, internal parasite testing, vaccination program, neuter and spay package and specialized blood tests for all life stages.

Dental Care

Regular professional cleaning is important in maintaining the teeth. Life expectancy has been shown to increase 3–5 years with routine dental cleaning. Safe and inventive ultrasonic as well as hand scaling must be utilized to clean every tooth thoroughly, above as well as below the gum line.


General surgery should be one of the best vet clinic services provided to involve neuters, spays, growth removals, hematoma repairs, hernia repairs and numerous other. Electronic cardiac monitoring, oxygen saturation monitors, comprehensive blood testing and intensive post-operative surgery care require being part of this service.


This noninvasive, best in class innovation utilizes sound waves to effortlessly analyze particular inward organs, fundamentally the heart and stomach organs, alongside pregnancy exams is a staple of a decent practice and ought to be provided.


Radiology (X-ray) is a must as it assists veterinarians to evaluate musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, cardiopulmonary, gastrointestinal, reproductive and urinary systems.

There are various hospitals who offer a variety of special services, such as intensive care, Preventative Healthcare, Geriatric Healthcare, Pediatric Healthcare, and Emergency Care. These Hospitals’s team of doctors provides accessible specialized medical services for your pet.

    Veterinary Clinic UAE

    The Blue Oasis Veterinary Clinic aims to provide a smooth and safe work flow in a warm and caring environment for our clients and their pets.

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