Good News! I’ve Released My Socialist Gender Studies Budget for FY18

It’s a Doozy.

This morning I saw that 45 has released his federal budget recommendations to Congress for Fiscal Year 2018. That’s terrific because this morning I am releasing MY federal budget as well. Twinsies!!!

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Defense spending for military contracts has been cut! The amount necessary to install free In-State Tuition at public colleges and universities has been deducted from the defense budget by eliminating wasteful military contracts. Those funds have been redirected to public universities and Pell Grants for poor kids to attend private schools.
  • Stafford Student Loan Interest rate has been reduced to ZERO. This is being paid for by cuts to NSA and CIA surveillance programs! Terrific!
  • A trillion dollar planned expansion of our nuclear weapons program is being redirected to NASA. That’s right folks, NASA is getting a trillion dollar upgrade over the next decade. MARS, HERE WE COME.
  • A massive new public infrastructure program is being paid for financial transaction tax and by a tax on robots who take human jobs.
  • A Medicaid-For-All, single payer system is a DONE DEAL. You can find out how we pay for it here.
  • Subsidies for oil and gas companies are being redirected to solar and other renewables! Sorry dudes!
  • Reparations for slavery are starting! Beyond my proposal for universal healthcare and universal higher education (reparative solutions which would have enormous impact on African-American wealth and communities), I am installing a community block grant program that will allow cities, counties, black neighborhoods, churches, schools, and black-run community organizations to develop their own reparations programs at the local level! This is being paid for by divesting all federal dollars from local prisons and local law enforcement. BYEEEEEEEE.
  • The National Endowment for the Humanities and National Endowment for the Arts budgets have been DOUBLED!!! How did we find the $300 million to do this, you ask? Guess what: We cut the military marching band revenue by $300 million. (Don’t worry. They still have $148 million.)

These are just the Greatest Hits of my Feminist Socialist FY18 budget! What else should we spend our money on? Let me know and I’ll add it here!

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