…there’s a button on your phone that can do that… ;)
Samuel Allen

Yes I’m aware, and it does seem like only saving a few steps, but the reality is, living in a condo introduces several deterrents to using the phone app. 1. The phone is controlling the music that’s driving my party via my Bluetooth speaker set. 2. I need to unlock with finger print my phone to use uber. During the aforementioned party I’m holding a solo cup and the slight amount of moisture that sticks to my finger makes the fingerprint reader ineffective and now I’m typical g the 10 digit alternative password. Also, when I’m hosting, I normally prepare to go drinks for everyone involved in the party.

As you can see, it can feel pretty hectic to have all that hit at once when it’s time to go. Picture me holding my cup in my mouth and grabbing my keys, wallet, shades, and camera. I also usually turn down the ac and lights to save cost. So having a button I can push and I know gets the ride heading my way saves a ton of time, stress and fuss. My phone just stays in my pocket and I just flip the light switch which is next to the AC which is hopefully next to the now installed Uber GO button.

Any takers? I’m still waiting to know what someone would charge to execute on this idea.