Happy Friendship Day 2016

The Life as we know it today is a complex thing to understand not only for the elder generation, but also for the younger generation. Right from the school days a child is taught the importance of having friends in his/her life.

A person with no friends in his/her life definitely loses on a long list of moments that form an integral part of life. The friends if by teasing makes you land in an troublesome situation can also act as an savior at the most unexpected times.
 As the famous saying goes:

Never Let your Friends Feel Alone, Disturb them All the Time

This saying holds true since friends are those people who though are not related to you by blood, but you still can disturb them all the time without any inhibition. Every year Friendship Day is being celebrated by one and all to cherish this explainable yet an important relationship.

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 Though Friendship Day 2016 comes only once every year i.e, First Sunday of August, but there is no restriction and celebrating is even not mandatory, but yes it definitely rekindles the memories of our long lost friends that we cherish somewhere at the back of our sub-conscious mind. If a person wants, he has all the rights to celebrate this auspicious day on every single day of his/her life.

Also, there is no boundation that an individual can make friends with other individuals around him/her as they can have different perspective on the literal meaning of the term ‘Friends’. Some define their friendship with books, while for some it is their pets at home that makes them understand the true sense of Friendship.

Another good thing about Friends is that they never define you nor judge you on the basis of your financial condition, your caste or religion unlike the rest of the world. Friendship is a pure relation and it must be maintained that ways only. As is said:

If the World is Against You, Call your Friends to Help 

 Since, even if the entire world stands against you, but the friends do support you then you have all the strength in hand to fight against the world.

Concluding this post, I would just say: If you have Friends, you are very lucky and hence should cherish them for life. Otherwise you can always step out and make One for yourself. Anything can be bought with money, but not Friends.