Why I deleted my Facebook account?

I deleted my facebook account, yeah I deleted it. It was a difficult moment for me but I handled it from my side. It just seems as a break up after a long relationship, I was on facebook from 2009 and its 2013, 4 year I enjoyed it like a true man but at starting it was like a gift for me to be in touch with friends with family members who are away and in other country but suddenly it seems like a time wasting activity for me .yeah it truly helps sometimes, it helps in making friendship with all those whom you don’t know personally but know from their work, it makes world so closer ,on a single click you can contact to anybody in your network but I found many things that’s hurting my career ,that’s hurting my sleep, that’s hurting my silence, that’s hurting my peace, a few reason that turned out to be a cause to deactivate my account, a reason stronger than the bond of friendship, that caused to deactivate my account. There are various moments happened in my life, that I opened my account for no cause just to see what happened recently and after working an hour’s I log out without any constructive work. the moment I passed to see ,is there any message for me to check the account, is there any notification for me, is there any request for me, is there any like for me, is there any comment for me.

I was such a fool, I know that These can’t help me out making any good work ,it is just a game of mark zuckerberg to involve us in the play as a cost to share our life activities, what turned into him a billionaire by selling it to the advertisement companies, I found the reason as I am seeing most of the university’s student visiting it continuously for a longer hours and destructing their time including me when I was using it, I chatted unnecessarily to many ones without any talk, I know it’s a technological era ,you can’t live without it, but believe me, after deactivating account I find it more happy in last few days, the anxiety ,the unnecessarily thinking, the unwanted comments ,or the unwanted fear that I had, got too much relief from it, I know you are thinking that how can anybody could be like so much involved with facebook ,but not only I a majority of youth passing time more on facebook than any other communication medium, they are losing their touch to read the expression from faces, they are losing the touch to talk effectively, and they are losing the most of their real life into virtual world that doesn’t exist. Now I am telling you one by one why to deactivate the account or why to be away from facebook.

Facebook attached your past with you-The friends or the people you are living with is your present and the people with whom you was living is your past, it is the nature which is responsible for gathering people around you for your survival and each time you pass out with situation and events ,people are changed around ,you learn from them and go forward ,teach other and go forward but guess what facebook provides you a platform which makes you to be in touch with those who were sometimes in your life in your past may be you were just an average person with not more qualities but now you become a best one after struggling in life ,then the person from your past comes into present and comment or remember your past that can break or lose your confidence, or there may be a case you do not want to show something to them but they know it by your profile, there may be a case you don’t want to remember your past but seeing them regularly may hurt you.

Facebook wastes your time — when you have mobiles, mail accounts, linkedin accounts, skype accounts why to use facebook, you go to facebook to contact someone then you see other people too, you start chatting with them, you see more and you are in to waste your time, then you realize, why you talk to them, why you updated your status, why she/he is offline, why he/she not talk to you, and even after logout you are in the facebook.

Facebook make you unsocial — facebook provides you a platform to chat the friends who are not with you but are good for you, here starts drama, you spent time more online and the person from whom you are chatting or talking is not going to hangout with you in future, maybe even you don’t know him personally, and the people who are too close with you in real world you don’t have time to chat with them personally, indirectly ,a father knows about his child activity before on facebook after he tell to him personally, ironically but true in many argument you start telling I have updated on facebook,why didn’t you read it. it makes a person totally unsocial.

Facebook says only that what you want to show-its true there is no reality behind the posts you are reading, a person updates only that information from his life event, which he wants to show, all the profile pictures and cover photos are just a fake one seems that all person are happy but in true you don’t know what is happening with them.

Facebook provide you unwanted things to show and to see-this is last but not least, facebook provides you a platform to share things with your friends but by sharing you are losing your personal information with them, the things they are also sharing are the ones they are losing to you, you shouldn’t have any interest in seeing thousands of their pics neither they have in yours, but you and they share it, you never called them, neither they but still you are friends, they never invited you but you care for it.a party pics disturb you because you were not invited or the pics of some function disturbs, some status and photos in which you tagged ,you do not want to show to others but on facebook everything is open, there is no personally type thing. The data you are entering regularly on facebook, you don’t know when it comes out to be dangerous for you in future.

Finally, I know that many will not agree by this article but if you don’t agree write in comments so that I can know your opinion also, if you are agree write why you agree?

Originally published at www.nazarmubeenworks.com.