For some, Covid-19 has had a negative impact on intimacy and sex

The global pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we interact with others, and that includes the bedroom. Sexologists are increasingly noticing changes to peoples’ sex lives, from shifts in sexual desire and newly developed fantasies to redefining the meaning of solo and partnered sex.

“A lot of people are bored…

I don’t have to worry about my appearance or strangers’ judgment. I’m limitless with my people.

Two days prior to me moving into a new apartment, the president of South Africa announced a 21-day, nationwide lockdown. My inner introvert was gleeful at the thought.

As the weeks went by, the reality of the severity of the pandemic began to sink in. I consumed Covid-19 news with…

The rapper destigmatizes anger in her music and inspires an entire generation of listeners

Rico Nasty performing at Afropunk Fest 2019 in Brooklyn.

RRico Nasty’s music and persona have been setting the internet alight in recent years. She released her first tape, Summer’s Eve, in 2014 without any major promotion or distribution. After becoming pregnant with her son and experiencing the loss of her ex-boyfriend, she took a break from music but returned…

Nazlee Arbee

Nazlee is a multimedia artist and journalist based in Cape Town, South Africa.

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