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Hey, it’s very interesting because today I am going to discuss and implement the most important Data Structures in Computer Science such as Stack, Queue, Linked List, Trees, and Hash Table. Let’s dive into it.


Stack is LIFO (Last In First Out) data structure which principle is the last element added to the Stack will be the first element removed from the Stack. We can do two things using Stack. …

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React one of the cool libraries of Javascript which is basically used for building User Interface. In this article, I am going to discuss about the fundamental things of React.js & How React App works as well.

Component is all in React App

Component is a small piece of UI. Everything in the react application is a component. We can create every portion of every react app using component. Component is like a function that has input argument like props and it renders different things in Browser as its output. We can create a component for different cases.

There are four things to identify a component. …

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Functional Programming is one of the most important topics in JavaScript. In this article, I going to clear some of the cool things in functional programming like inner function, higher-order function, first-class function, callback function, closure, and implementing callback function, I will create some cool functions like (forEach(), map(), filter(), find()) etc. So, Let’s dive into it.

What is a Function?

Function is like a machine, which reduces our repeated task in our daily programming. It has three parts like input, processing, and output. In input, we will provide our data or value. In processing, that machine will process or manipulate our input data. …

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Hey guys, today I am going to write an important article about one of the coolest data structure of JavaScript which nothing but Array. If you are a developer or want to be a developer, you haven’t any way to avoid its use. It’s pretty much cool to handle data in JS. So, let’s dive into it.

Most used JavaScript Array Methods

1. concat()

It used to add or concatenate multiple array to one array. When we need to add or concatenate one more than array, we can use it.


const arr = [32, 34, 54, 65, 34]
const anotherArr = [76, 45, 65, 80]
const result =…

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Hey, today I’m going to describe a cool Non-Primitive data type in JavaScript which is nothing but Object. It’s one of the most used data types in JavaScript. If you want to be a cool javascript developer, this article absolutely for you.

Object in JavaScript

In JavaScript, Object is dictionary typed data structure which is covered (starts & ends) with curly braces-{}. Inner the {} you can store anything or any types like string, number, undefined, null, function, array, and even object also in the form of pairing property name and property value. …

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Hey guys, What’s up. Today I’m going to discuss the most common and cool JavaScript built-in functions which must need in your every programming. Actually, I’m going to describe some cool build-in methods of string, number, array, object, and math also in JavaScript. So why late, Let’s dive into it.

Most Common String Methods

1. concat()

It used to add or join multiple strings to one string. When we need to add one more than string, we can use it.

oneString.concat(‘separator’, anotherString)

const firstName = "Jhon";
const lastName = "Doe";
const title = "2nd";
// Concatenation between two String.
const twoStr = firstName.concat(' ', lastName);
console.log(twoStr); …

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Today, I discuss some cool things of JavaScript that are actually helped you to improve your coding skill and impact your coding performance. Let’s dive into it :)

1. Equality Operator VS Strict Equality Operator

Equality Operator consists of two equal: ==

It used to check only the value between two elements. If the values are equal, it returns true otherwise returns false. When you want to check only the value of elements, you can use it.

Strict Equality Operator consists of three equal: ===

It checks not only value but also Data type between two elements. It returns true when the value and data type of operands are equal otherwise it returns false. It’s best practice for comparison. …


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