Being a natural people pleaser, I struggle with the same thing.
zaire paterson

You’re most welcome. And thanks for the response. There’s a balance between pleasing people and pleasing self. And around the right people this isn’t mutually exclusive.

The problem is that when we forget about self and head towards spiritual bankruptcy, and just ignore what we need (asking what we need is the same as asking who we are), we end up surrounding ourselves with people who resonate with that. And this is where the toll occurs.

Now that I strive to show up as my self in all situations and settle into the discomfort zone (I’ve just moved there, away from my comfort zone), I’m attracting people who do the same. I can be myself and these people want to be themselves and together this just makes more and more sense — and it’s easier to do.

I think any path that you’re on where you’re taking every step to resonate more with yourself (and less with external expectations) is a good life and none of these steps is a mistake. It’s a path to a good life. But not an easy one. But you know, life is going to be hard whether you’re on the right or wrong path … so might as well get something out of it (every single day) by being on the right path.

Thanks for being brave. Thanks for being you. And thanks for sharing.

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