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Some of the biggest questions today are those of economy. With the rate of inequality rising to a level not seen since the depression era, what can we do? How can we increase economic growth and equality at the same time? Namely, why do so many at the top profit while so many at the bottom can barely stay alive? These are some of the most pressing economic issues of our time. Especially if the goal is to create a shared future for everyone.

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Speakers at the Las Vegas rally vary from Planned Parenthood activists to speaker Melissa Harris-Perry. Also included are Black Lives Matters activists and actress Marisa Tomei. In Chicago, Ari Asfar and the cast members of Hamilton will be making an appearance. Additionally, Representatives Jan Schakowsky (D) and Bill Foster (D) will be speaking. In terms of performances, DJ Heather will be there to spin in the name of poll power.

#MeToo Movement Moves from Hollywood to High-Profile Charity

Could we have guessed that an all-male club dinner would result in sexual harassment? After witnessing the pervasiveness of assault revealed by the #metoo movement, yes, we probably could. However, it does come as a bit of an unpleasant surprise due to the fact the society in question is a charitable one, and its annual dinner a fundraiser. The Presidents Club Dinner is an annual affair. The charity has donated £20m to various children’s hospitals over the past 30 years.

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The scores for men stay about the same. The conclusion reached was that women are made to improve their articles over time. Men are not.

If this conclusion was correct, women’s articles should take longer to review. When Hengel checked, she found it took an average of six months longer to review papers written by women.

Why does this matter? The longer a researcher has to work on one project, the less time they have to do new research. This results in fewer published works, and that can affect one’s job prospects. That goes double in the world of economic academia.

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At this year’s Golden Globes, Oprah won the Cecil B. DeMille Award and gave an empowering acceptance speech. She told the heart-wrenching story of Recy Taylor, a black woman beat and raped by 6 white men in 1944. Recy died just 10 days before the award ceremony. However, Oprah pointed out “she lived as we all have lived, too many years in a culture broken by brutally powerful men. For too long, women have not been heard or believed if they dare speak the truth to the power of those men. But their time is up. Their time is up.” By the end of her passionate dialogue, the whole room was on its feet! In another victory for women, Oprah won the HPFA’s Lifetime Achievement Award. This makes her the first black female recipient.

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Shouldn’t one man and many women be recognized at the border? It sounds easy enough, but many times the men practicing will only bring in one wife at a time. Then, the other wives are misidentified when they are brought through at the border. The man will simply classify them under a guise. One wife could be described as a maid, another as a close relative. In fact, one woman the Economist interviewed “was brought in as a servant and described as the child’s aunt”.

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If you are a Pakistani woman in England, chances are you have had an Islamic wedding ceremony that was not recognized by the Government. According to the Economist, Britain’s Channel 4 took a recent survey. Out of 1000 married Muslim women, 600 had Sharia only marriages. In this way, thousands of women are trapped in the middle of the legal and cultural worlds.

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Commission’s vote to repeal Net Neutrality. The Republican-led Commission’s 3–2 decision to repeal today, Thursday the 14th, despite an abundance of protests on sites such as Reddit and the popular petition on

For those who don’t use the internet for much other than email and the occasional google search, you might be asking the question, why is everyone making such a fuss? What did we lose when we lost net neutrality? Well, until today, we have all had free and equal access to any information on the internet.

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Two of the most interesting events this week were centered around women. The first major event was a summit put on by Women Political Leaders. Silvana Koch-Mehrin, a female member of the European Parliament, founded this group. According to the New York Times, the conference featured “the largest ever gathering of female political leaders”.

The second interesting story is about 2 new books. They both take a scathing view on the current political climate in Britain. Although described by the Economist as “depressing”, these two stories give a realistic look into British life today.

Additionally, both lament Theresa May’s actions in the aftermath of Brexit. continue reading at

It was 1995 and Pope John Paul II Wrote a Feminist Letter

In 1995, long before a hashtag existed, there were letters. This letter was presented to the Fourth World Conference on Women held in Beijing. Throughout the letter, the Pope makes it clear he has a firm grasp on the matter at hand.

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