Assignment 4 Retrospective

This assignment pushed me to further skills learned in the third assignment. I had to spend some time looking at the solutions that I came up with for assignment three, and ideate on them, as well as decide on one that I like and think will be the best solution. I decided to look at the solution that I came up from my reverse card, as one of the outlandish ideas. This solution involved redesigning the subway system and coming up with a new layout for the train layouts. In particular, I looked at one section of downtown Brooklyn and Manhattan where six different train lines intersect. I was able to come up with a design that worked for me, and that sketch became a sort of prototype for the assignment we were supposed to do.

I learned that it is tough to approach a project like that for many reasons. It is hard to appease all riders of the subway, for example, and so even if the design works for me, it might not be the optimal solution for other people. Secondly, the solution requires a ton of resources and downtime in order to implement. In an ideal world, where resources are limitless, this would not be a problem, but it is quite an issue for the MTA that struggles with funding. The next steps would be to build a better prototype, as the one I made is quite poor, and to perform studies on riders of the subway to see if this is a viable solution for other people, like it is for me.

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