Don’t believe everything you see on the internet!

In today’s world so much of everybody life is filled with social media. With social media being such a big part of today’s society; for some people it’s their way of staying in touch with big news. Anybody can post anything they want on Facebook, twitter, and Instagram or whatever media outlet they are using. With people having the ability to post what they want it can bring up problems. One big problem is people posting fake news articles. People will make a up a fake news headline and post it on twitter or Facebook, hoping people will click on it. The more people that click on the fake news article, the more the person makes off it. Personally I don’t really mind the fake news and article because unlike a lot of people I don’t believe I read off the internet, but to some people it’s a huge deal. Some people think it should be illegal to post fake news, I myself think people shouldn’t be so gullible. What do you think?

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