5 Indie Songs For Your Brand’s Next Commercial

What makes a great commercial?

It’s the single question every advertiser out there seeks the answer to as they create a commercial hoping to awaken the consumerist spirit in all of us. Some subscribe to the notion that commercials must either be funny or pull at our heartstrings in order to be effective, but a carefully placed catchy tune can seal the deal to leave a lasting imprint in people’s minds.

Here’s a list of 5 great songs to add into your next commercial spot.

  1. Touch Sensitive — Pizza Guy

Australia’s Touch Sensitive released this gem back in 2013, but it is a prime candidate to inject life into a commercial in 2016. A beautiful bass line mixed in with progressing synths and the end result is an incredibly Shazam-worthy treat.

2. Solidisco feat. Skyy — Top of the World

Most commercials only have 30 seconds to grasp your attention, but with the addition of this feel good track you won’t need nearly that much time. It’s uplifting disco with a little bit of a modern twist leaving you feeling like you are legitimately sitting on top of the world.

3. PANG! — Plan b (Marius Hörsturz & Tony Casanova Remix

This relaxing track is just begging to be thrown into a car company’s next big television advertising campaign. For a second just close your eyes and picture a car cruising down the California coastline hugging every turn while the sun beams down on it with this mesmerizing tune as its soundtrack.

4. Christine and the Queens — Tilted

Artists spend countless amount of hours trying to craft the perfect 3 minute pop song, however Christine and the Queens made it look easy by doing just that with her debut U.S. release. “Tilted,” packs a heavy punch with its catchy chorus and it will undoubtedly find a nice home in a brand’s next commercial spot.

5. Skogsrå — Primadonna

Sweden’s most valuable export is their constant stream of talented indie electro pop acts. The European country is basically a mecca for good music and Skogsrå is another notch in their sonic belt. “Primadonna,” is primed to instantly capture any audience’s attention as it is filled to the brim with a funky bass line and exploding synths.