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Hello Bob. I’m sorry you feel deceived. But for me, it’s part of the argument. What I was trying to convey was that about the erosion in trust of established news organisations is being exploited.

A year a go the term “fake news” was applied to articles that spread through Facebook. Many of them were written in Eastern Europe and Russia and targeted at voters in swing states before the US election. Some claimed that Trump had been endorsed by the pope while others claimed that Clinton was involved in a pedophile ring. But today Trump applies the term “fake news” to anything that’s critical of him. If CNN make a minor editorial error they are “fake news” and they get body slammed. So to millions of Trump supporters, the watch dogs of democracy are illegitimate. And if all video news (CNN’s product) becomes suspect, then any political will be able to K.O. them on twitter. Or perhaps you think i’m too pessimistic?

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