Promises that break, Smiles that fade.

As she sat there on her bed, knees up to her chest, Natalie wondered if living was worth the pain. Her friends were no longer her friends and now getting up was like climbing a mountain of fears. Would she make it through the school day? Would she even be able to get dressed? It all depended on the day. That was the life of Natalie Bacster. An unpredictable mess. But maybe that’s what made it special and infact worth living.

January 8, 2013, as Natalie made her way down the main staircase of her middle school, she felt needed. She thought nothing could tear her down at this point in her life. Suddenly, one of her best friends at the time, Sarah yells her name,

“Natalie!, Natalie!” screamed Sarah.

“Oh my god calm down, what’s going on?” Natalie asked in a calming tone.

“Check your phone pronto.” stated Sarah

When Natalie checked her phone, she had no idea that her whole life was about to change.

. “I can’t believe this, I need to get home!” Natalie said hardly getting the courage to speak.

Natalie’s nanna had been battling Ovarian Cancer for 24 years, and sadly the doctor only gave her a few months to live because the Cancer had spread to the brain. As soon as Natalie heard the news she bolted towards the door at the end of a long hallway. She needed to run. So she ran and didn’t stop until she was home. When she got home in about 10 minutes time, her mom, Laura, was waiting for her. Natalie ran into her mom’s arms, she wanted to stay there forever.

“Can we go over nanna’s today?” implied Natalie in a weak voice.

“Honey, she’s still shocked from the news, just give it time.” said Natalie’s mom.

Just as fast as Natalie’s life had changed, tears came streaming down the teenagers face.

“Please god, get me through this!” whispered Natalie while looking at the ceiling.

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