Introducing “The Nightcap”—a quick, visual summary of the most important / fascinating news that happens every day.

Nov 28, 2016 · 2 min read

Since we launched Hardbound two months ago, a lot has happened:

  • We made nine new stories that we’re incredibly proud of
  • A lot of people read (and, in many cases, loved!) them
  • …including people at Apple, who featured us as a “best new app” (!!!)

So, yeah, we feel pretty great! 😄

But really, this is just more evidence in support of a theory that I have believed for a long time now:

Visual storytelling is a powerful and underrated medium for helping people understand the world around them, and in our media environment that’s so full of junk, people can tell (and they love it) when you try your best to make something that’s truly great.

So today, in continuation of our mission, we’re launching a new version of the app that features our second channel, The Nightcap.

Q: So what is The Nightcap?

A: I’m glad you asked! In a nutshell, we try to make it easier to understand what’s happening in the world. Every night at 8pm (Monday-Thursday, for now) you’ll get a quick visual summary of the most important / interesting events that happened that day.

For more detail on how we choose what stories to cover, and why we’re building this, check out Will Hoekenga’s great write-up:

Q: Are you going to launch more channels soon?

A: Yes!

We think visual storytelling can make all kinds of stories better. Our first two channels cover education and news, but we plan on doing a lot more. Think of Hardbound kind of like a visual version of your Podcast app. There will be lots of great channels to subscribe to. To get the platform off the ground, we’re carefully managing the first channels. But eventually anyone will be able to create Hardbound stories and make their own channels (or contribute a story to someone else’s).

More on that very soon :)

Q: How can I try it out?

A: Download the app here!

Thanks so much!

Nathan Bashaw

Written by

co-founder / story maker at

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