Who creates this content and what background is necessary to do so successfully?
What I’m Interested In Right Now
Adam Besvinick

This is a really interesting question to me, and one I have some indirect experience with. When I was working on Dash at General Assembly, we figured out that the best content creators for teaching people how to code are people who know a little bit, but don’t have extensive teaching experience and aren’t world-class developers. To teach someone in a new way, you don’t want to bring in too much thinking from a different medium. You want people who are going to approach it with a fresh mind and figure things out from scratch. And to take someone from 0 to 1, you want someone who just recently made that journey themselves, and can empathize. When you’ve been coding for 10 years it’s hard to remember what confused you as a novice.

Anyway, not sure if all of this is applicable, but just figured I would share! Great post, and I agree, VRT looks like it will be really transformational.

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