What’s With the ‘Disappearing Photo’ Phenomenon?

I’ve noticed a new push by our most used social applications to “share photos that will disappear”. Makes me wonder the psychology behind it. It started with Snapchat, then to Instagram, now even the Facebook owned WhatsApp wants you to send images that you will apparently never be able to see again.

My inner conspiracy theorist is doubting that these images actually disappear. Sure, there’s always the argument that if you’re not doing anything wrong don’t worry about it. But shouldn’t we at least ask, or demand rather, to know where these images are being stored. I’m about 99.8% sure they are being categorized in some machine learning software owned by these companies. The other 0.02% utilitarian in me wants to believe that these companies just want us to feel free to send ugly faces to our friends.

For real folks. We live in a weird world where everything we say is being stored in some geeks computer. Let’s wake up a bit and smell the stink.